Current Obession

Dress Shirts and Bib Necklaces

I don’t know how long this trend has been around for but I love the classy, feminine take on the men’s dress shirt. I’m a big fan of fitted dress shirts, but the fit isn’t as important to me as the method of accessorizing the shirt. I.e. A beautiful statment necklace.



I may have mentioned 8 or 9 times already, but I love pastries and exercise. It seemed fitting then, that I should possess a “Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake” notebook as my fitness journal. I cannot urge you enough to keep some form of journal to track your exercise efforts down. I mean seriously, you won’t see results from your body for a month if not more so you need some motivation to keep you going. I like to think of it as a to-do list that I’ve just completed. After every week I total up all the minutes and see how many hours I’ve spent exercising. You can’t -not- feel good. I used to be able to run 30 minutes no problem. Now I’m back to square one. Why? I lost my journal. I only recently found it and without it – I was helpless. The end of summer is the beginning of a healthy kick. Now that I have a blog, it’s a public journal so now everyone who sees it will know when I give up on my fitness goals.. No pressure.

What a pretty little thing

the lady behind the blog

So let me start this blog off right by filling you in about me.

I’m a fourth year university student who is working her rear off trying to get accepted into a law school so I can pursue a career as either a commercial or real estate lawyer. I used to be a beer drinker, and eat whatever I wanted because I was skinny until one day .. I matured. Not so much the beer drinking (although I feel classier when I drink wine – even if it is only dessert and blush wine) but I had a chat with my mother who used to be as skinny as me. She told me “April, come 25 your body is not going to metabolize food like it used to and everything will go to your stomach.” Not my hips like most lucky women. I disregarded our conversation until I started noticing changes in my body. Not so much weight gain, but my muscle and stomach were not as flat as they used to be. I thought to myself “Why wait until I’m 25”. This blog is not about weight loss for myself (although it can be applied), but for me,  it’s about my weight prevention. I do not own any of the information I post on this blog unless otherwise stated. I hope you enjoy this blog as it will be the closest thing to a full on, accurate description of me. I’ll have everything on here from fitness, to healthy eating, guilty pleasures, and fashion.


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