Peach Lavender Water

For a lady who says she wants to be healthy, I never drink as much water as I should. I like beverages with a flavour so I took a recipe intended to make soda (which I have done and it is amazing), but instead I simply used the combination of peaches and lavender to flavour my water. The result was a refreshing, non-perfumey, drink with a delightful aftertaste.

I have a tiny lavender plant on my windowsill that I keep throughout the year. When I tried this recipe the plant had no flowers so I used the leaves instead. If you use the flowers, use 1 blossoms per 1 cup of water. If you use the leaves, use less as they have a stronger flavour.


– 2 inch sprig  of lavender with leaves

– half of a ripe peach


– snip the sprig  of lavender and place in a litre container

– cut half of the ripe peach into 1/2 inch slices and place on top of lavender

– fill the remaining space of the container with water

Refrigerate over night and the next morning.. enjoy!


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